Signature evangelism

Your Email Signature

Did you know Johann Sebastian Bach, even before the days of email, used the signature method of evangelism? He initialed his blank manuscripts before he began to compose with "JJ" (Jesu Juva--Help me, Jesus!) or "I.N.J" (In Nomine Jesu--In the name of Jesus). When the manuscript was done, he initialed "S.D.G" (Soli Deo Gloria--To God alone, the glory)

We all send email. We send to family, friends and strangers. How can we witness our faith in our email in a way that is sensitive, inviting and positive?

One way is the the signature block at the bottom of each email. Almost every email program allows you to enter your name, title, phone number, or a short quote in this block or section which appears at the bottom of every email. Once you set it up it sends your signature/message every time. You can change it as often as you like. Many who read your email are looking to find and share things in common with you. Jesus often found common ground with people by using quotes or parables.

Your email signature block is a place where you can provide many people a little information about yourself.  Your readers will know a little about you as you communicate with them. It's a place where it is okay to be creative, different, and just be you.

 Here are just a few ideas to spark you thinking to witness with your email signature.

  • Generate an interesting Bible topic, ie. "Read about trying to squeeze camels through the eye of a needle Matt 19:24 Here's a list of short Bible passages
  • Put a link to your church's web site with the words, Meet me at" 
  • Give a Christain greeting. ie. "Peace I leave with you, my peace I give you...Do not let your hearts be worried" Jn 14:27
  • Use suble or obvious humor, ie "We all profited from the most expensive bailout in the history of the world - join us to celebrate on Easter" 

So try and enjoy it! When you send your email, you will feel better, because your email always has an interesting extra benefit – it really has good news!