A seat at the table

The world summit in Davos, Switzerand just finished. It is by invitation only to the individuals who occupy the world's seats of power and wealth. In past conferences participants were quick to brag they solved the worlds problems or at least properly discussed the major ones.

This year was different. There was little aggreement. They discussed joblessness, the economy and the bank bailouts. The jobless were not invited - nor were those who lost their pensions or who suffered mutual funds which lost 50% because of unethical or carless leaders, some of whom were at the summit.

Jesus was a little different. He spoke with those who were hurting directly. He even cried with those who lost a love one. He fed the hungry. When he set the arrangement for the last supper he even provided a space for Judas. He could have went to summits with Herods and Pharisees. He chose not to!

Summits are not bad! But summits without a voice and seat for those who are hurting and directly affected will probably never solve problems! In our churches and synods, who are we inviting to our summits?

Perhaps a self-assessment is in order. When people think of church leaders meetings, what do they most often think of? How can we hold our meetings where the thief on the cross has a voice .......or is at least considered?  Let's not limit the seats at our tables or meetings. In fact, lets do our best to set a table for all to experince Jesus.