A prayer for Haiti

Lord of mercy, we cry, pray, sympathize, and want to help our bothers and sisters in Haiti. Our prayer goes out first for the victims and survivors. Our compassion goes to all who suffer there, whatever their profession or creed.

In the aftermath of one of the most terrible tragedies that any of us can remember, we are comforted by the knowledge that you who knows when a sparrow falls to the ground also knew and loved each of those who died.

Prevent us from judging this event as a heavenly punishment. Keep us from a  certain self righteousness that tempts us to feel like maybe we were possibly intentionaly spared.

We especially pray that Lutheran and Christian relief workers can point survivors to your Bible, finding there the stories and witness of hope told by those who lived through beatings, imprisonment, famines, floods, and disasters to your glory.  May all who cry and mourn hear the promises of the gospel.

Lord, we have no words to answer the "why" which we feel deep inside, after such an event - no wisdom to explain away many unexplainable areas of life.

For those of us who can help, move us to gerousity. For those who are bringing aid, and those who await news, strengthen and encourage them we pray.

Into your pierced hands, Jesus, we bring the burdens of Haiti that only you can handle. For all you do and are doing, seen and unseen, gracious Lord, we give you thanks. AMEN