The Global Table

Easter evening brought some quiet and allowed me to check on the statistics for LutherCentral over the past months. I was humbled and honored to see the steady growth in the number of visitors every month. March was the highest ever in terms of unique visitors to the site.

But even more humbling and important was the number of visitors from all around the world. It made me pause when I saw of all the different Lutherans and kinds of Lutherans from the various countries who came to visit. Thanks to web tracking, the statistics pages show visitors from each country and which pages they visit.  No doubt each person, regardless of their country, came looking for specific Lutheran resources or connections. The realities of a kind of common Lutheran community — across national boundaries, spanning different cultures, and between rich and poor looking to find and share resources is awesome. How do we share resources together in ways that respect our differences yet bring tangible effects and closer connections?

The readings from the Last Supper where Christ shared His love freely and without reservation gives me a clue. The disciples around the table were not all that cooperative to each other or even to their Lord! Yet they were all invited, all shown love. And all except one went out and invited others to feast on Christ's love. We do share a common faith, which unites us and asks us to love one another as He did. Thanks be to God that we can all sit at His table regardless of national origin.