Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why was Lutheran Central created?
A: Lutheran Central went live in December 2000, to organize all the best Lutheran information, resources, and services into one easy to navigate directory. 


Q: Which Lutheran church body is Lutheran Central affiliated with?
A: In order to maintain objectivity, Lutheran Central is not affiliated with any one Lutheran Church body.  It supports all Lutheran churches and all Lutherans.


Q: How do I get my site on Lutheran Central?
A: If you visit our Suggest New Links page, you may submit a site that you feel should be on our page.  Our editors will then take your submission into consideration.


Q: Why do you include secular sites?
A: Lutherans, like everyone else, need to find information on topics not covered by the church - like what the weather is going to look like tomorrow, or where to find a good deal on airline tickets. For that reason, we include a few secular links in our directory.


Q: What criteria does Lutheran Central use for its listing of links?
A: We link to sites that are updated regularly, concise, and give reliable information.  The order of the links do not reflect descending usefulness either.  We believe all of the links we post will be useful to certain users.


Q: I'm an ELCA member, is it worth it for me to search for LCMS university sites?
A: Most all Lutheran Universities accept even non Lutherans, so a synodical difference will not be that big of a difference.  We would say it is very worth your time to take a look at all of the options available to you.


Q: How can I find a Lutheran congregation that has a more contemporary worship service as opposed to a traditional one?
A: Use the congregation locators to find a number of congregations in your area.  Then call a congregation to ask.  It's in your interest and theirs to attract members who will be blessed by the worship services.  Many large congregations now have several styles - so be sure to ask for the worship style that you like.