Fire and passion

Fire and passion or complacent and in neutral? In many ways and in many countries Lutherans have sacrificed, shared and planted the good news of real life connected to a real loving Jesus, all around the world. But now we are cutting worldwide mission budgets and growing our local churches in America smaller and smaller by the day. I don't think the problem is that we need a lot more fire alarm devices in our churches.

I am not sure if members are aware of these events, puzzled about the significance of these events or they are unsure about how to approach the issues? The poll section on this site reveals that few members or pastors believe our current church leaders are heading the right direction. They don't think we are in neutral - they think we are in reverse! Most people I communicate with have not lost their appetite for or apptitude for sharing the good news. So where is the problem? Are we ready to send up some flares and look for solutions. I hope so! Its critical and so worthwhile. It may require some sacrifice. Look at Luther's struggles when he asked questions. Asking the tough questions is never easy. But riding the miserable road to decline is not easy either! Let's start with questions and sending up a few flares!