Evangelization or epiphanization?

Evangelization or epiphanization? The term evangelism seems to get a bad rap. Would it not be better to say we want to epiphanize our comunity? That was a question Pastor asked this morning during the sermon.

Jan 3 marked the beginning of Epiphany this year. In Western Christianity the discovery of Jesus by the 3 wise men is the focus. Essentially its like a light being turned on so we can see. Its new eye glasses for those in the world with poor eyes who have not yet seen Jesus. The Encarta World English Dictionary lists the following meanings

  • sudden realization: a sudden intuitive leap of understanding, especially through an ordinary but striking occurrence
  • appearance of god: the supposed manifestation of a divine being

The more I think about it Epiphany is a beautiful word. Its about light on our path when we stumble in the dark, its about Jesus showing up with love and compassion. Lets spend the season of Epiphany (until Feb 14) epiphanizing.

Need some ideas on how some Lutherans are trying to turn the light of Christ on in their communities? The outreach ideas link for all current and past featured ideas and links is: Evangelism resources