Evangelical Wrestling

Evangelical Wrestling

When browsing LutheranCentral's category entitled Statistics, Research and Opinion, you'll find some well known names like George Barna. But recently we have rather enjoyed linking to Pew Research Center - a comprehensive fact and trend reporting center & Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life 

We found it fascinating that Pew, in their 'Religious Landsdcape ' section, classifies and reports US Lutherans in two very different categories.

  • "Evangelical Protestants"
  • and one major Lutheran group as simply 'mainline Protestant'.

It made me think. Whats the difference?

If Pew Research, as non-Lutherans, see this distinction perhaps we should take a look. After all, we can learn something from how outsiders see things (what did we learn from the wise men's perspective on Jesus?)

  • What would you say is an evangelical Lutheran?
  • What does it mean to be 'evangelical'?