Churches that sit on thier duff

Churches that sit on their duff

The church which sits and waits -- hoping the world will notice it -- is destined to disappear. There are simply too many voices, choices and options in our society. No doubt many people in your church's neighborhood probably don't even know what happens at your church -- even if they drive past it every day. And if they see your members just sitting, they may not be impressed either:)

The rallying cry comes straight from Jesus: "Go out in the highways and the byways, and compel them to come in" (Luke 14:23). Hard to do, with today's busy, media overwhelmed, preoccupied adults. LutheranCentral wants to help your congregation spark ideas what Lutherans are trying in their communities. Tell us what works for you too. We invite you to take a peek at some of these ideas: Evangelism Idea Center One woman remarked, "I use them every day - they are wonderful!"