Thanks for your interest in advertising on Lutheran Central.

Lutheran Central celebrated it's 1st anniversary late 2001. The number of visitors had grown steadily. Then after growing too large over the years, we found we could not update the site properly with a small staff. Therefore we  relaunched a new design of the site in June 2009 using a content management system that will be easier and take less timeto update. We will begin a new marketing campaign to pastors and churches in a few months. Those who join with us early will enjoy priority placement when advertising placement becomes competitive.

Ad Placement

We encourage you to target your ad by placing it in pages where the viewers you want to reach will visit frequently. For example, a university will want to purchase either on the front page, or the college / university page where viewers will be searching to find a university to attend.

User Targeting

Lutheran Central has specific sections and directories that appeal to certain select users - like congregational leaders, members, pastors, youth leaders, college students, and many more. It is best to place ads and write ad copy based on users you want to respond to your ad.


On a monthly basis, we can furnish you with statistics regarding your ads. We use an independent web measurement company to gather these statistics. The basic measurements of "impressions delivered" are available. This reporting does however take additional time for us and may or may not be useful to you so there will be an additional fee charged for this service.

The standard basic measurements of "hits", "page views", "unique visitors", "ads delivered" and "click throughs" are only useful in certain businesses. The bottom line is: did we send you a fair number of visitors and interest our visitors in your ministry, service organization or products? You can best measure this by linking your ad to an auxiliary page of your site so that you can clearly see the number of visitors we are sending to your site. You can then monitor the number of visitors we send you on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Ad sizes

We are accepting "box ads" on the right side of the page and banner ads on the bottom of the page which are clickable and link to your site or advertisement. The standard "box ad" size is about 1 3/4 inches wide and 1 inch tall when viewed on an 15" monitor. (For those of you who develop ads, the size in pixels is 130 pixels wide by 70 pixels high.) Non-standard size ads may be negotiated.

We will not be accepting top of page banner ads, as they tend to be less liked and less effective. Side box ads and bottom banners however are well accepted, and generate more credibility for you and us.


We are offering special rates at the moment. Our rates are fair and affordable. Please contact us for current rates and available placement options. We can design an ad for you at a very reasonable rate or accept your ready to publish ad. Please contact us and ask about rates and availability.

Priorities and Right of Refusal

We will give priority to Lutheran advertisers and/or business owners where possible. However, where space is available and other advertisers request space, we will allow non Lutheran advertisers based on a "first come - first served" basis. We will accept only advertising we believe in the best interest of our audience and site design. We reserve the right to cancel ads if we receive what we believe to be signifcant and credible legitimate complaints against the advertisers.

For more information

Please click here to send us an email or you can email us with your phone number and a good time to call, and we will call you to discuss how we may serve you. We look forward to hearing from you.