Lutheran Central formed in December 2000, to organize all the best Lutheran web sites, and web resources into one easy to navigate directory which will encourage Lutherans to connect to other Lutherans online.

Connecting Lutherans

In today's busy world we realize Lutheran members, pastors, teachers, and church leaders are very busy and have precious little time to surf a myriad of Lutheran sites to find information and resources.

That's why we manually search thousands of websites and organize the best of the websites into one clear, easy to use Lutheran directory. As a result, we hope Lutherans will discover and use Lutheran services and resources over others. That's why we use the byline "Connecting Lutherans."


Lutheran Central is privately held and is therefore not owned, controlled, or influenced by any one particular Lutheran church body. We believe this is important to our users so they can expect to find all critical Lutheran resources in one place, without any bias to any particular Lutheran church body or subset of Lutheran beliefs. Our misson is not "connecting liberal Lutherans or conservative Lutherans" If it were, the links would reflect a very narrow focus and separate Lutherans rather than connect Lutherans of various backrounds. We are also striving to use editors and advisors from different points of view to create a site that reflects different Lutheran positions. Unfortunately that means that we will accept advertising to pay the bills.

Board of Reference

We believe that it takes a team of all kinds of Lutherans, from various countries and backrounds to guide LutheranCentral in finding and reporting the best resources and news from all over the world. Our Bd of Reference is composed of leaders, both lay and clergy, who know, understand and apreciate the joy of working to advance Christ's mission and outreach in their countries. Please click to see the listing of the Bd of Reference 

Principles Used In Creating the Directory

We have attempted to organize information into three sections: For Members, For Church Leaders / Pastors, and Helpful Secular Links. We realize Pastors usually will want different resources than members and vice versa, but both want a reliable weather forecast from a secular weather service. We hope this "filtering" will save time for you and make it easier for you to find the resources you are looking for.

While this site is for Lutherans and generally gives Lutherans links, we have added some key sites that are not Lutheran. For example, most Bible search tools and dictionaries online are tailored for all Christian denominations.  We do believe in giving credit to and using good Christian web sites that are intended to serve and help all Gods people.


We all like fairness and personal privacy. We don't like to receive junk email either. There may be times when you want to subscribe to something we offer, and we will give you the choice to "opt in" to receive email on a particular offer or issue.

Other than communication you ask for - you will remain a private visitor, and we will respect that.


Our purpose, simply stated, is to help you connect to fellow Lutherans and and excellent resources that will be helpful to you in just two or three mouse clicks. In so doing, we hope that Christ will be honored. As you find better Lutheran web resources, our prayer is that you will use them to reach out to your neighbors and the world. Finally, you can help us by sending and sharing this site with your pastor and friends.

Thanks for visiting and sharing this site with others.